Reactions observable in early frames of the Zapruder film

In the early parts of the Zapruder film, there were a number of reactions that were happening around the same time, circa the z140's.

In the GIF's below, noticeable limo occupant reactions are observed at about the same time early in the Zapruder film. These noticeable reactions are all seen happening from around z140 to z154. These reactions are happening within about three quarters of a second of each other, and appear consistent with voluntary reactions to a surprising and unidentified external stimulus.

It sometimes helps to see the film at normal rate, then slowed down a bit, and go back and forth between those versions.

I) Film rate up to speed for z136-z178 and zoomed in on Presidential Limo


II) Film rate slowed down and zoomed including part of Secret Service Limo for z133-z162 and with separate isolated individual views
(damaged frames 155&156 not used in this GIF)

George Hickey
leans over and looks down at z145

looks left at z144 and then back right at z154

 Jackie Kennedy
accelerates left look at z145 (before looking back right)

Governor Connally
looks left at z151 (before looking back right)


Frame #


RoseMary Willis
looks right at z144

 Roy Kellerman
looks over and down to right at z148

 Nellie Connally
seen swinging head around right at z148

 Bill Greer
may have slightly glanced right and then back forward at z140